Home Decor Summer

Declutter & Organize Your Home For Summer

Keep it all together this summer and make most of the summer time with action-packed, making organization as important as ever. But it can be challenging not knowing where, or how to begin decluttering and avoid clutter being a daily problem. Here are few tips and tricks to get yourself started decluttering and organizing your […]

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Vastu Shastra, Science And You!

Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture! A traditional hindu system of architecture, which is laid on the foundation of the principle of aligning in harmony the five basic elements: earth, fire, water, air and sky. Vastu Shastra is quite complex as the elements influence, guide and change the living style of humans and every living […]

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Effective Way To Inspire Health And Reach Your Fitness Goals

Commute wasting time to achieve your fitness goals? Consistency getting infected with huge time investment? Unable to achieve your preferred physique, or fitness goal, or both? There are finer ways you can attain the desired weight loss, or tone up for the summer physique you’ve desired for ages, without wasting your hard earned money. To […]

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What Really Makes A House A Home?

How we feel within our home is highly influenced by our behavior in the outside world. A house may provide shelter, but a home is where your favorite things transform a mere shelter into a safe haven. Often, we beg the question of what really makes a house a home? Many similar themes and answers, […]

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valentines day

14 Quick Facts About Saint Valentinus And Valentine’s Day!

Today, we can thank largely to Hollywood movies, media and the chocolate industry to give us a fair picture of Valentine’s day. Every 14th February worldwide candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But what do we really know about this amorous day and the centuries-old […]

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Declutter your home

Declutter home, Declutter mind!

Considering to declutter your home, but without the price of a professional? Even before you begin to declutter your home, you must declutter your mind to only keep items which have functionality and are there to solve a purpose. Anything else, either gets donated, or recycled through proper channels. Here is how you should begin: […]

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drink water early morning

First Hour, The Crucial Hour!

A crucial difference between achievers and non-achievers really boils down to their morning habits. Believe it, or not, what time you wake up and what you do in the first hour of your day can be monumental in achieving your goals. After waking up, our body is more responsive to the calculations our of our […]

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Home buying

What NOT To Ignore While Purchasing Your Home!

When it comes to satisfying home owning experience, quite often we ignore essential ingredients required for a prosperous, vibrant and meaningful stay. With prices of properties, including rental prices, on the rise, the gap between affordable and luxury has widened dramatically, leaving no room for working class to invest their hard-earned money to what they […]

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Tips For Setting Up A Vertical Garden

The concept of vertical gardens is slowly gaining popularity among plant lovers. If you are planning to setup a vertical garden here are some of the tips that can help you out: The vertical wall garden should ideally be at a place where it can get adequate sunlight. Fruits and flowering plants need more sunlight. […]

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