Tax Benefits For Property owners 2019

The 2019 budget has offered some unexpected benefits for property owners. Here are the three main announcements that are likely to bring tax relief to home owners 1) Exemption of notional rent on the second self-owned property Taxpayers who own more than one house have to pay tax on notional rent, which the property might […]

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5 Easy Ways To Save Energy At Home

We’ve all read lots of tips on how to save energy, from turning off the lights when you leave your room to looking for the energy star ratings when shopping for new appliances, but do they really help that much? The answer is Yes! There is a reason why we see similar energy-saving tips over […]

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vastu tips

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Home

According to Vastu Shastra, every home has its own energy and when we start residing in a new home we automatically come under the aura of that energy. Thus, living in a positivity-induced home can make a huge difference to your personal health, levels of happiness and serenity. Vastu Shastra has remedies for correcting energies […]

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Compact Homes Decor Tips

Décor Tips for Compact Homes

Due to the high cost of living, rising property rates and growing numbers of nuclear families, the demand for compact homes is on the rise. However, decorating a compact home can be a challenging task, to help you out we have wrapped up some for the simple yet effective tips to maximize and decor compact […]

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Add Green quotient to your home

Tips To Add A Green Quotient To Your Home

Plants purify the air and act as a natural humidifier, not to mention they can effectively enhance the look of a room instantly. Nowadays indoor plants have become a must-have décor item while re-decorating rooms. So if you’re wanting to add some greener quotient to your home, here’s are the six creative ways to do […]

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5 things you can easily start in 2019

Make Your 2019 Interesting With These 5 Ideas

1) Communicate: Communicating is never becoming a pro on social media. Communicating means to express yourself and to learn more from another person’s experience. While starting a new year you should always make a plan to increase your communication skill. A good communication skill not only makes you humble but also increases the pace on […]

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Minimal Wastage

Simpler Yet Effective Ideas of Decor that Cause Minimal Wastage

Everyone is excited to move into their new home. When it comes to a new home, the excitement levels are the same for the décor as well as which reflects your personality. A well decorated home adds space and infuses everything with positive energy. A bland and dull room can become lively and comfortable just […]

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healthy winters

Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit In Winters

Winters can have an adverse effect on your health if you do not follow a nutritious diet along with a balanced lifestyle.  With shorter days and cold weather, it can be difficult in finding ways to stay healthy and fit. And this can lead to a weakened immune system. Here are some winter wellness tips […]

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Escon Arena Apartments in Zirakpur


Escon Arena is a pampered project introduced by the company that has established base in the real estate from the last 35 years! 350 unit that are designed to keep design, focus and space in line has special element infused that other builders rarely think of- Nature! The families living in Escon area, who takes […]

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Christmas Decor Tips


Escon arena and Christmas celebration will be the best combination, we can bet! Enjoy the freshness of winter and end of the year holidays! This Christmas, we encourage, to make your home look best! Feel the blessings of Holy Jesus with fresh ideas to decorate your Home for Christmas. 1. Buy The Real Christmas Tree: […]

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