Rent vs Buying Apartment- Escon Arena

Chasing Dreams – Rent vs Buying!

The rent vs. buy debate is endless. Where some believe it is smarter to rent, others believe buying can work in your favor. But what are the points that each side considers in drawing their conclusion of which is better than the other? Here are few points that make a valid argument on both sides: […]

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Secure Apartments- Escon Arena

Three Features At The Core Of Luxury Apartments

Quite often we come across situations in life where making the right decision can either put our lives on the right track of happiness and contentment or leave us with the feeling of regret. One of such essential decisions we come across at least once in our lives is choosing the place to live happily […]

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Luxury flats in Zirakpur chandigarh

Live Better With Quality Homes Boosting Healthy Lifestyle!

More features and amenities along with their maintenance may rack up living expenses for an individual and his family living in an independent house, however, that is not the case with apartment housing. With thoroughly planned residents offering more to the residents, the living standards and quality can easily be maintained with affordable monthly/annually maintenance […]

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Apartment living

Independent Apartment Living vs Independent House Living

There are many criteria which give apartment housing the advantage in enhancing the quality of life for it residents. There is a debate among homebuyers community who would rather choose an average house over affordable apartments which come with dozens of luxury features and amenities boosting the comfort and quality at the same time. But […]

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luxury flats in zirakpur

Is Your Apartment A Luxury Home Or A Regular Apartment?

With apartments becoming the first choice for homebuyers and apartment real estate on the rise it is more than essential to look into detailed aspects of an apartment before you consider it your home. If you are looking to invest in a house that you’d eventually call your home here are few things to consider: […]

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declutter your home

How To Make Most Of Your Apartment Space

Often we find ourselves stuck with more stuff than we need, or have the right amount of things and quite can’t find the harmony in placing things around our home. If you find yourself at the crossroads to decide whether to let go off possessions dear to you to make more space or simply thinking […]

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Luxury Apartments

Are Luxury Apartments Worth Their Cost?

Purchasing a house is rather easy when compared to investing in your dream home. Irrespective of size, location, or locality, it still takes a toll on people who are investing their hard-earned money, or their life savings, into a house which they would be proud to call their home. Today, real estate has come a […]

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Tips to consider while investing in new home

Urban Living, Apartment Living!

With changing lifestyle trends the definition of home has completely transformed. We can see more people opt for apartment lifestyle with a gated, luxurious and comfortable community as compared to individual, difficult to maintain and with sky-high price properties. But what makes apartment living preferable? Let’s begin. 1) Safety The prime reason for people opting […]

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Home Decor Summer

Declutter & Organize Your Home For Summer

Keep it all together this summer and make most of the summer time with action-packed, making organization as important as ever. But it can be challenging not knowing where, or how to begin decluttering and avoid clutter being a daily problem. Here are few tips and tricks to get yourself started decluttering and organizing your […]

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Vastu Shastra, Science And You!

Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture! A traditional hindu system of architecture, which is laid on the foundation of the principle of aligning in harmony the five basic elements: earth, fire, water, air and sky. Vastu Shastra is quite complex as the elements influence, guide and change the living style of humans and every living […]

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