Secret tips to get fit

5 Secret Tips To Get Fit!

Fitness is not a crash course, it is a lifestyle. We’ve all heard this said again and again – and yet we always postpone our plans to work out and fall into the lazy stupor of our daily lives. In a few years, we realize that our bodies are beginning to develop problems like high blood sugar, high blood pressure and deficiencies of essential vitamins – and then we fall prey to regret. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. We all can incorporate simple habits into our lifestyle that can help us become fitter and by choosing our food wisely we can get the nourishment needed to change into a healthier version of ourselves.

Escon Arena brings you five secret tips to get fit today! Here they are:

1) Vary your work out

For your body to respond better to exercise, it is essential that you frequently change your work out. Switch between Yoga, running, aerobics, pilates and any other work out of your choice on a daily or weekly basis. This ensures that you work all your muscles and challenge your stamina every day. It also ensures that you don’t get bored of your workout easily.

2) Monitor your diet

Start the day with a helping of carbs and as you move towards the evening, eat more proteins with your meals. Also be mindful of the number of calories you’re consuming. Always ensure that you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming – if you want to lose weight. This will keep you feeling light and full of energy all day.

3) Watch the clock

Try to build a routine of sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. This will help you understand your body clock better and ensure that you get sufficient hours of sleep every day. Your body clock influences your health and mood more than you know. Watch the clock for a healthier life.

4) Set Realistic goals

We all have someone in our social circle who claims to have just lost an insane amount of weight in an incredibly short time. Don’t set your goals as per these stories. Understand your own body, your own life schedule and set a realistic goal that you can achieve. If you set a goal that’s too high, you’re likely to get discouraged. If you set too easy goals, you’re likely to get over confident.

5) Water

Last but not the least tip to staying fit is to keep your body hydrated. Drink up to seven glasses of water every day. Water helps to improve metabolism, keeps your body cool and helps cleanse your system of toxins. Carry your own water bottle and sip your way to fitness!

So there you have it, five super simple tips that anyone can follow to create a fitter body and healthy lifestyle for themselves. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Make sure you like, share and subscribe to this page for more superb articles like this one!

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