So last week we discussed about fitness around the house. This week, let us discuss about FITNESS OF THE HOUSE. Yes, you heard me right. The place which makes us feel comfortable, secured and heaven, needs a proper routine of cleaning, dusting and organizing too. What can we do about it? A lot. Now days […]

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Quick Tips on Health Around Your Home

Hello Readers, This week I want to tip on health around our Home/Apartments. Why? Because, Health is wealth! We have heard it so many many times that we have actually forgotten meaning of it. We usually remember it when lifts to our apartment floor is closed for maintenance, and we have to take the stairs. […]

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Master Bedroom

Home Cleaning Tips

Our home is actually a dwelling place where our family’s memories are preserved. With our campaign #MyCountryMyHome at Escon Arena we believe in making best homes for people of India. We all love our Home and want to keep it clean, fresh and hygienic 24×7. Poor cleaning habits can activate allergies, affect your breathing system […]

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Living Room

Effect of Reduced Repo Rate on Real Estate

So, we all heard that the Reserve Bank of India has reduced the repo rate by 25bps on 15 January 2015, which makes it 7.75% now. There’s a cheerful buzz around the markets and the financial sector. But what does it all mean to normal (non-technical) people like us? Or non-technical Home buyers to be […]

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Understanding Needs and Earning Respect: CEO Speaks

After 35 years of collective experience in this industry, I can precisely understand the needs of a home buyer. And hence compassionately designed Escon Arena, considering the point-of-view of every member of a family. Delivering the correct amenities and specifications has been my sole aim through which the long-lasting buildings as well as goodwill for […]

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