Minimal Wastage

Simpler Yet Effective Ideas of Decor that Cause Minimal Wastage

Everyone is excited to move into their new home. When it comes to a new home, the excitement levels are the same for the décor as well as which reflects your personality. A well decorated home adds space and infuses everything with positive energy. A bland and dull room can become lively and comfortable just by adding a few decorative items to the place. But before stepping out don’t get carried away too much as there are many items which can pollute your home with garbage over the long run. Also, the budget becomes one of the major concern when it comes to buying decor items for your home.

So here are some ideas to help you in your home decorating journey to keep things green and to save some money too.

1) Use green plants

No doubt the green plants are hard to maintain, but they provide the real feel anyways. The artificial plants or decors lose their luster with time and they cannot be recycled. At the end either you need to throw them or its hard to dispose them. On the other hand, the real plants stay intact with time if taken proper care. They grow and bloom, season by season and play important role in keeping the environment healthy. Opt for evergreen plants over seasonal plants as they require less maintenance.

2) Buy original products

When it comes to electronic or wooden articles, always buy original. There may be other alternatives which are cheap and you may get carried away. The original articles may be little costlier, but they will surely add beauty. Buy less but buy better. Don’t buy cheap products. Use good quality lights as well. The chances of getting replacement become less and yes, the quality always speaks.

3) Show used bottles their correct place

 The used bottles can be recycled and can be used as planters. Plant samplings in the plastic bottles and place them in the balcony.

4) Plan your decor

Sometimes we buy a small thing and plan to buy its upgrade in the coming time due to price glitch. It’s always suggested to wait for the final product you want. For example, if you want a bigger photo but initially get a small one and planning a later upgrade for it then the smaller one surely gets wasted lately. It’s always advisable to get the bigger one with a justified wait.

5) Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are always useful when it comes to retention of the environment. Thermal curtains provide insulation and minimize wastage of central air conditioning. They are smart and useful product that adds beauty to your room and minimize wastage of energy.

6) Use of Bamboo

Instead of using plastic furniture and other articles (like flower pots, fencing supports), use bamboo. Bamboo looks aesthetically cool and more useful than the regular plastic. If bamboo is taken care of, it not only lasts longer, but it is cost effective as well.

When it comes decor that causes less wastage, Escon Arena always encourages simpler yet novel ideas that can be implemented effectively and easily. Join us in the drive to make your homes look beautiful.

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