Tips to consider while investing in new home

Urban Living, Apartment Living!

With changing lifestyle trends the definition of home has completely transformed. We can see more people opt for apartment lifestyle with a gated, luxurious and comfortable community as compared to individual, difficult to maintain and with sky-high price properties. But what makes apartment living preferable? Let’s begin.

1) Safety

The prime reason for people opting for apartment living is partly due to its safety features. With gated community, security cameras and round the clock security gives people their peace of mind and for their family, which further reassures their choice for opting apartment housing. Whereas, high maintenance costs are associated when an individual hires someone on their own or through private security companies, which may or may not include high-tech security features which come with apartment housing.

2) Affordability

With prices of house properties skyrocketing and out of reach for the majority of the population, apartment housing has proven to be successful in fulfilling of owning a home. With an influx of demand for comfortable, luxurious and affordable housing we can see a shift in the first choice of investors, and renters, towards apartments. This has made apartment housing more attractive to single person investors, young renters, professionals and people in general who choose to stay central to the city or major city centers, closer to work, universities and reap benefits of other necessary features of housing all at affordable prices.

3) Features and Amenities

Cost of purchasing amenities and features which improves quality of living often bears a burden on most of the new homeowners. However, apartment housing includes fancy fittings, imported sanitary ware and in-house safety features such as anti-skid tiles, copper electrical wiring’s and much more. Furthermore, advanced apartment housing is very well known to be equipped with a gym, yoga center, swimming pool, tennis, ample lush green landscape, playground area, etc. By placing such amenities and features in the vicinity of an individual, one is bound to strengthen their quality of life and help them reap most of a healthy lifestyle.

4) Maintenance

In apartment living, less maintenance is required. With the majority of exterior and building maintenance covered in monthly maintenance costs, including 24X7 power backup and water supply, all you have to worry about is maintaining the interior space of your humble abode. Apartment housing also provides the ease of on-site plumbing, electrician, and other things, which often are much difficult to handle than they seem to be. For those who lead a busy life and often have to wait until the weekend to fix plumbing problems, or count their blessings the inverter doesn’t run out of battery, a low-maintenance apartment home is perfect for all homeowners, especially for ambitious professionals and retired or senior citizen people.

The benefits of apartment living outweigh those of individual houses. With people being able to dwell in absolute comfort, luxury and peace of mind it’s essential than ever to invest in an apartment. Even though you might be renting your current house, investing in your dream home in an apartment housing area with low monthly installments would prove beneficial in the long run. While all these bring abundance to your home, Escon Arena is thoroughly planned residence which is designed specifically to bring comfort your mind. Correct as per Vastu science, Escon Arena is designed for the happiness of you and your loved ones. With its wide range of healthy options including gym, yoga and meditation center, jogging track, child day care, adequate parking space, post entryways and more, you can also choose our option of Tailor Made Homes. For more details contact us at

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