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Home buying

What NOT To Ignore While Purchasing Your Home!

When it comes to satisfying home owning experience, quite often we ignore essential ingredients required for a prosperous, vibrant and meaningful stay. With prices of properties, including rental prices, on the rise, the gap between affordable and luxury has widened dramatically, leaving no room for working class to invest their hard-earned money to what they […]

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GST Impact On Maintenance Charges

The debate of whether housing societies are considered as business entity or not, GST for maintenance charges has gone up from 15.5% to 18%, where the former includes 15% Service Tax, 0.5% Swachh Bharat Cess and 0.05% Non-Agriculture Tax. Additional 2.5% Tax, courtesy of GST, was imposed on July 1st, 2017, taking GST on maintenance […]

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Tenant and Maid police verification


Apart from the Police, every citizen is also responsible for his own and his family’s safety and security. In order to ensure that no criminal or anti-social element is able to insidiously enter into their home, neighborhood or society, all the servants, tenants and paying guests must be subjected to police verification. We must understand that […]

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Quick Tips on Health Around Your Home

Hello Readers, This week I want to tip on health around our Home/Apartments. Why? Because, Health is wealth! We have heard it so many many times that we have actually forgotten meaning of it. We usually remember it when lifts to our apartment floor is closed for maintenance, and we have to take the stairs. […]

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