Add Green quotient to your home

Tips To Add A Green Quotient To Your Home

Plants purify the air and act as a natural humidifier, not to mention they can effectively enhance the look of a room instantly. Nowadays indoor plants have become a must-have décor item while re-decorating rooms. So if you’re wanting to add some greener quotient to your home, here’s are the six creative ways to do it:

1) Hanging Plants

These are perfect of an outdoor space or near the kitchen or a living room window, try thinking from the ceiling down. The layering will add a pleasant look to your space.

2) What lies beneath

Think outside the box and get creative. Fill in the empty and unused space below side tables with a touch of greenery. If there’s a lack of sunlight, try the Snake Plant, an Aloe-Vera plants.

3) Think Vertical

If you are someone who’s really fond of greenery add a twist on the feature wall, with a vertical garden. It can add a lush feel to your space and not to mention all those health benefits! Try mixing up the varieties of plants to give it an interesting and fresh feel.

4) Little Enhancements

The perfect coffee and center tables in the living room are all about clustering small plants to make a big impact. Choose different varieties of plants that all have the same light, water and drainage requirements if you plan on making your own miniature garden.

5) Creative Containers

Add up some terracotta pots or designer self-watering pots as they are versatile, inexpensive and currently enjoying the limelight as a 2019 trend.

These are the few tips that may help you in adding some green quotient to your home. For more tips like these stay tuned to Miss Tip Top Tips at

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