3 Simple Tips To Achieve More In Less Time By Organizing Your Home

We all have been there when we simply don’t know what to do with excess and unwanted items at home. We want to discard, or replace, them and somehow, those household items still find a way to add to the clutterness of our homes. Here are 3 simple and easy tips to be more organized by uncluttering, discarding (or recycle) and achieving more in less time:

1) Kitchen

The most used, or accessed, part of your home is the kitchen. Firstly, avoid piling up of utensils in the sink of the kitchen. This adds to the cleanliness of the kitchen by keeping hygienic, ready to be used again and avoids spreading of bad odor around your home.

Secondly, wipe and clean the counters as they are being utilized. This might sound like a mammoth task to keep cleaning every time a counter is used in the kitchen, however, it is the most efficient and effective way in keeping your kitchen clean. Simply wipe the counter with a piece of cloth, which will help avoid dust or other food material getting accumulated overtime.

Lastly, other ways to accomplish a clean kitchen on regular basis with minimal efforts is limited food stock in the fridge as needed, opting for induction burners than LPG (adds space for other things) and finding the clutter points in the kitchen.

2) Closets

Excess of clothes is the leading cause of untidiness, clutterfull and disharmony around your home. We all find ourselves with clothes piling up in our clothes, laundry and dry stands.

First step here would be to sort out wearable clothes, in comparison to, “maybe, or never” wearable clothes. This will help you draw a line amongst clothes you actually need and clothes which can be removed to make your closet, and eventually your home, tidy. And as you start seeing clothes which are worth storing away in the closet, you will find yourself spending less time staring at the closet to figure out what to wear.

Another approach to an efficient closet is to ONLY keep selected items in the closet. For instance, keeping 31 items of clothing for each day of the month. This will further help you decide which clothes fit your current body frame and which are in current fashion.

3) Bathroom

To begin organizing your bathroom, remember one simple rule: drawers over counters! What does it mean exactly? The most easy way to maintain bathroom hygiene is to use drawers (or baskets on the counter) to keep the toiletries, making your life and cleaning process immensely effective.

What about the hard water stains, you may ask? Using a plastic wiper or broom in the bathroom can avoid staining of the tiles and help maintain sanity. This is quite essential as humidity and dirt, overtime, can lead to mold and fungus causing more infections and germs to spread around the house.

These three departments of our house is what makes us call it home. These three departments of our home come into play everyday and for majority, they come in play more than once a day. Thus, its cleanliness and sanity levels are to be addressed in the most crucial, organized and effective manner. With incoming guests, or change of season, your tasks will find a more fluent way of falling in its place, saving you ample time to be invested elsewhere in more important aspects of your life.

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