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4 Simple Tips To Minimize Water & Electricity Wastage In Your Home Today!

In an experiment conducted by an NGO, a group of adults was asked to draw a picture using wax crayons. They were warned to use the crayons conservatively because the next group would only be given leftover crayon colors to draw. But the group of adults used up all the wax crayons they needed, drawing pretty pictures with bright green, red and yellow colors. Soon, the second group was called. It was a group of children. They were given the leftover wax crayons and asked to draw.

Finally, after the experiment was over both the groups were asked to show their drawings to each other. The adults came up with colorful pictures of trees with flowers and deep blue sky while the children only had sketches of black and brown to show. Those were the only colors left for them after the adults were done. The children’s pictures were colorless and dark because the adults did not use the wax crayons wisely – as they had been told.

A similar scene is playing out in our world today. We’re using the earth’s resources like water and fuel without thinking about the future generations. Life sustaining resources like drinking water and electricity are getting dearer with each passing generation. And every person must be mindful about conserving the earth’s resources for future generations.

Being careful with water and electricity to minimize wastage is not as difficult as it may seem. Here’s four simple tips to help you minimize wastage of water and electricity in your home:

1) Minimize wastage of water by using buckets

Use of buckets instead of showers or using a watering can in your garden instead of a hose pipe can bring down the consumption of water by eighty percent! Encourage the use of buckets around the house for bathing, car-washing, gardening and other uses.

2) Adjust the temperature of your fridge to save electricity

Refrigerators account for twenty percent of a household’s electricity consumption. Keep the temperature at an optimum level to ensure efficient use of energy. Also, if a freshly cooked food item is very hot, wait for it to cool down before putting it inside the fridge.

3) Turn off the tap!

The age old advice of turning off the tap as you brush your teeth or shave is still something to live by. A single faucet can release up to seven liters of water in a minute! So make sure you turn a tap on only when you really need the water. Secondly, fix the leaks! Nothing wastes water worse than a leaking faucet or flush.

4) Make use of natural sunlight!

Open those curtains and let the sunshine in. During the day avoid using tube lights or bulbs and instead make the most of natural light by opening doors, windows and curtains. Using a screen door can help to let in the light and fresh air while keeping out the dust. This is a simple change that can help you cut down your electricity bill.

So, there we are. Four simple habits to inculcate that can significantly reduce the wastage of water and electricity in your household. If you have more ideas that can help Indian households  conserve resources, please share them in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to the Escon blog for more wonderful articles like this one.

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