Declutter your home

Declutter home, Declutter mind!

Considering to declutter your home, but without the price of a professional? Even before you begin to declutter your home, you must declutter your mind to only keep items which have functionality and are there to solve a purpose. Anything else, either gets donated, or recycled through proper channels. Here is how you should begin:

  1. Say No To Purchasing

    When we think to organize, we end up getting side tracked with thoughts leading to what items can we purchase to assist us organizing such as, containers, storage boxes, bins, etc. However, the first step to organizing your home is to buy after you have sorted through all the items. This lets you decide which items which have no purpose in the house, other than collecting dust, or eating up valuable space, versus items you really need to organize for a functionable house.

  1. Just Make Space

    Quite often we decide to declutter space as we plan to purchase furniture and somehow, can’t get rid of “stuff” as it all seem important. But, is it really important? The point here is to go slow with your organization. Don’t rush. Keep your calm. Think logically and make not just smart decision, rather wiser decision. Ask questions like: do I need this? Does this solve a purpose in house? If these basic questions don’t help, then dig in deeper with questions: does it solve purpose in my house on daily basis? Is it in harms way to any of my family member (such as sharp objects)? Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a corner in the house is to let it be a corner and not cramp it up with items.

  1. Beat The Caveman Instincts

    Believe it, or not, the instincts of “we might need it,” comes from the evolution dating back the Caveman ancestors, who, for obvious and important survival reasons, had to drag all of their belongings into their caves. We’ve progressed since those early days, however, the voice in our heads demanding us to find a suitable reason to hold on to unnecessary items needs to find that corner where you were planning to place furniture. With a great risk of suffocating our lives under an accumulation of unwanted possessions, it’s time to de-stock and let go of certain amount of clutter.

  1. Keep Your Head Above Water

    You don’t have to immerse yourself into organizing and sorting through entire household items within one day. If you do, chances are you’ll end up getting frustrated, be less efficient and find more reasons to hoard on items than be motivated to find the right items for your home. In other words, spend 3-4 hours on one part of your home and don’t push the boundary by getting started with another. This way, you will be motivated to do be better at decluttering other parts of your home and avoid getting burned out.

  1. Complete Each Task

    This is important at any given point of decluttering process. Whether you pick the kitchen, or master bedroom, or the bathroom, don’t quit unless you have scanned and sorted each and every corner of the space. Be the man/woman of your word and never forget what led you to begin this gruesome process.

In reality, very few people have closets and drawers which resemble to those in magazines and online shopping websites. If your closet, for instance, has the clothes for all weather types then you are stepping towards hoarding onto more clothes than you need. However, if you have the right clothes which look great and work properly such as raincoat with functioning zipper, then you don’t need two different color raincoats to match your shoes. Ultimately, if you are chasing perfection then you will be drawn into consumerism and non-existent amount of cluttering. Your goal should be to free up space that has a function, meets your needs and doesn’t let you to hold on to it more than you need to. That, in itself, is success!

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