Luxury Apartment

Be Secured, Live Luxurious!

When it comes to security features of your luxury apartment, whether it’s perimeter security or security of your mind, the safety features must boost all round comfort for you and your loved ones. Let us consider the essential security features worth every penny to invest in-

External Security

Personnel safeguarding the perimeter of your home are the first line of defense and safeguard our lives with their expertise in raising an alarm, or disengaging any potential threat. Without the safety personnel safeguarding the perimeter, it would be quite difficult to make use of any other security feature to its full potential and averting any danger.

Internal Security

As important as it is to safeguard the perimeter, it is also essential to safeguard your home internally. Features which secure your home from the inside include features such as CCTV and fire extinguishers at all floors and corners of your luxury apartment.

Natural Calamity Security

Since all threats to life are not man-made, safety from natural calamities is yet another essential security feature of luxury apartments. Your home should be calamity resistant where it should be earthquake resistant, wind resistant and landslide resistant, to name a few. Additionally, adequate rainwater drainage system should be in place to avoid flooding and reduce the risk of damage to the infrastructure. This would further help you reduce any water-borne diseases and threats to the health of the community

Health Security

All community members vary in their age group. However, securing health and eliminating any risk related to personal health is also essential. Whether it’s children getting hurt while playing or rushing an injured to the hospital, a true luxury apartment has the facility to provide first-aid or ambulance services, respectively. Furthermore, provision for indoor and outdoor activities also secures health and quality of life. It is no myth that in order to live a quality life one must engage in both indoor and outdoor activities, which makes it yet another essential feature for a luxury apartment to provide for its residents.

Mind Security

We often hear that security of mind is essential, yet we find ourselves making the best decisions towards our home, only to regret it later. The luxury apartment provides the perfect balance of location and security in terms of peace of mind. In other words, quick access to the nearby areas should be balanced with a peaceful environment where you can reside peacefully without any external disturbances such as constant traffic noise.

In conclusion, the real luxury is in the details which boost the overall well-being and comfort. The experience of living in a luxury apartment is only enhanced with the above-mentioned security features and amenities. Luxury apartments must provide an urban living approach without compromising the generic features and amenities, and boosts the quality, luxury, and standards of living.

One prime example of such luxurious apartment housing is successfully executed by Escon Arena where luxury amenities and features are reshaping how people look at their home. The comfort within the walls of Escon Arena is spread to all age groups as features and amenities such as lush green landscape, jogging tracks, swimming pool, children safe-playing zone, earthquake resistant construction and much more. And as you take a step outside, everything including shopping malls, mega grocery stores, schools and much more is within your reach and comfort.

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