Decor Your home


Whether you have recently moved into your first home, or just have a limited budget for high-end furnishings and home accessories this festive season we are here to help you with several tips and tricks that you can use to décor your home and add some sophistication to your space.

Here are 4 ways to décor your place with a touch of sophistication.

1) Add Some Greenery

It’s amazingly simple, by just adding a plant or two makes any room feel refreshingly good. Just put some low-maintenance plant such as a succulent, cactus or philodendron on a side table or a nightstand.

2) Style Bookcase with Creative Ideas

Even if the only books you have are old textbooks from college, you can still organize it as an professional using creative ideas so that it looks elegant. Style your bookcase like a pro by arranging your books both horizontally and vertically, and mixing it with other decor accessories.

3) Frame Your Art

Those days are gone when we used to hang unframed prints or posters on the wall with the help of the tape. However, you can use unconventional methods for hanging art, such as on a grid of clipboards for a modern take on a gallery wall, or with wooden pants hangers for a vintage-industrial look.

4) Coordinate Your Throw Pillows

One of the quickest ways to pull a room together is with decorative pillows. Strategic choices can help you décor your living room, or add warmth, color and style to any boring room.

This festive season décor your home with these simple tips and stay tuned for more updates from Escon Arena’s MissTipTop.

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