Effective Way To Inspire Health And Reach Your Fitness Goals

Commute wasting time to achieve your fitness goals? Consistency getting infected with huge time investment? Unable to achieve your preferred physique, or fitness goal, or both? There are finer ways you can attain the desired weight loss, or tone up for the summer physique you’ve desired for ages, without wasting your hard earned money. To avoid living in discorded mixture of modern distractions of spa, sauna and elite gym memberships, and to live a flourishing life, mastering your attention is the key! In other words, we would want to establish realistic goals with the right mindset, a purpose and make focus on a single task a necessity. To get you started here is how you can reach your body fitness goals and boost brain nourishment from the comfort of your home:

1) Concentration Management

Gaining muscle, or losing fat, begins with concentration. We all find ourselves, often more than once, paralyzed and discouraged to move forward right after starting a training program, or diet regime, and quit before even really getting started. Worse, in due process, we end up injuring ourselves. If you are fed up with failure and have decided that your body needs a change, strengthening your mind is where you get the ultimate head start. Consider your mind as “muscle” which you’ll train to gain more concentration and strength with vigorous and purposeful exercises. Simply put, the stamina of your body and the stamina of your mind are similar in ways where lack of brain exercise will only increase the chances of failure and fatigue. Regret and doubts which often arise while pursuing our health goals are due to mismanagement of the command center of your body, the mind! Begin with 10-20 minutes of meditation, practice mindfulness (focusing completely on what you’re doing and observing all of the physical and emotional sensations you are going through in that moment) and memorize stuff such as lyrics to a song, poem, or verse to religious/spiritual scriptures.

2) Start Bright, But Slow

Don’t hurry! It does not mean become sluggish, or a couch potato, rather to set your mind on the bigger picture and paint the results one stroke at a time, thus gradually increasing your focus. For instance, if you aim at lifting 30 kgs of dumbbells, then it’s in your best interest to start consistently with half and let your muscles build up the memory, and gradually increase the weight to 20, 25 and 30 kgs. By doing this you have avoided muscle strain/ injuries, improve posture alignment (right way of doing an exercise) which boosts efficiency, you are less tired from the workout (even as weight training intensifies) and rewarded yourself with a successful round of exercise.

3) Exercises Without The Need Of Gym

One of the taboos of modern times is to have a gym membership, or a coach, which eventually leads to shelling out money with fitness goals not even visible in the vicinity. The mantra to your dream figure? YOU! How? If you have started with the micro-management for your command center, the mind, then you already have motivation, patience and self-confidence to start with micro-challenges for your body. Follow these workouts which can be performed anywhere, anytime and see the results for yourself.

  • Yoga- There are two kinds of yoga practices: yoga for stretching and yoga which challenges you, the later being for weight loss. Start with simple stretches to boost weight training and increase weight loss by incorporating challenging yoga exercises. Tip to attain maximum output: refer to “start bright, but slow.”
  • Body weights- Some may argue body weights are ineffective and don’t help build muscles, but if you want to kill two birds with one stone, that is, increase mind and body strength then body weights is the answer. By performing body weight exercises such as push ups, crunches, etc, you allow more natural range of motion and improve your overall body fitness and agility. However, if your end goal is to build muscle, body weights helps enhance ability to perform weight training while giving you an actual performance summary of whether you’re ready for the gym, or not, and at the same assists you in avoiding unnecessary membership fees.
  • Jogging- Best cardio out there! While you get to run at a steady gentle pace, especially when performed on regular basis, you benefit with improved energy levels, confidence, thought organization, anti-ageing, more oxygen to body parts, increased immunity to fight and resist infections, stronger bones, improved brain health, formation of new muscles, stronger/efficient existing muscles, better heart health and it’s free of cost. Start by jogging on softer surfaces such as turf, or grass. Key to efficient jogging: gradually increase time/length to avoid muscle strain/injury.

In conclusion, to obtain your desired body physique you should begin by focusing on brain health and then proceed towards the physical aspects of your body. At first, it might be challenging to focus such as while meditating, however, with consistency you shall start seeing the benefits with improved mood, stamina and sheer energy to perform any task you put your mind too. At Escon Arena, our club medley let’s you accomplish your goals with its club facilities for all our residents which include yoga & meditation center, jogging track, swimming pool, squash and even a fully functional gym, giving you an all round approach to your health goals. With our 35 years of experience in building millions of square feet of residential areas, we set out to achieve and have achieved thoroughly planned residences, whose success can be well measured in reviews from our residents. To know more on how Escon Arena is delivering luxury and comfort for all our residents, and how you can have access to the gym at Escon Arena contact us at:

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