Fitness of the Body and the Mind

Settling down in your dream home takes its due course of time. One may take time to adjust to the new feelings associated with the joy of home. But what makes settling down rather easy, pleasant and comfortable are the amenities and features which come with your dream home.

Today, there is an ever rising competition in the world of real estate to provide a surplus of amenities and features for the potential homebuyers. This has caused a shift in the quality of the amenities and features which truly make our lives easier. A homebuyer may purchase a home with a gazillion tools of amenities and features attached to their home boosting comfort, however, if the quality remains to be an issue the comfort would be short-lived.

Without further ado, let us consider few of the amenities and features that you- as a potential homebuyer – must consider helping transform and boost the quality of life on daily basis.

1) Physical Fitness

Physical fitness delivers much-needed oxygen to the brain. Working out on regular basis can help make you feel happier, increase energy levels, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, help with weight loss, improve skin health, better brain health and memory, and much more. However, maintaining a fitness routine can prove to be a financial burden such as fitness club fees, nutrition and especially time.

In our fast pace routine, taking out time to achieve fitness goals can prove to be a daunting task. To counter the lack of productivity many realtors have come up with a unique and an effective solution. Now, one may purchase their home with fitness-enhancing measures. For instance, apartment homebuyers pay a fraction of amount for facilities like gym, swimming pool, squash, access to basketball area, etc, which are often included in the monthly/yearly maintenance charges.

Considering swimming as an example, one does not need to go to a hotel or a swimming club to get their daily workout. One could simply build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness from the comfort of their homes. Thus, one must take into consideration the different types of workout regimes and the quality of those fitness means at your disposal.

2) Mental Fitness

For an optimally healthy life, one must incorporate means to boost mental health. What is Mental Fitness and why do you need it? The brain is like a muscle and like any other muscle in your body, if you don’t give it a regular workout it would eventually lose tone. The fitness of the mind is an essential set of mental exercises that each and every one of us must include in their daily routines.

Mental Fitness does not mean intelligence or IQ tests, rather mental exercises which are essential for better sleep, lower anxiety and high self-confidence. Here are few ways that you can utilize to try and improve mental fitness-

A) Read

Reading often and on a wider topics helps to exercise your brain and improves mental fitness.

B) Diet

Vitamin B, for instance, is important for optimal brain health and can easily be consumed in foods such as wholegrain cereals, leafy green, and dairy foods.

C) Different is Better

The more you challenge your intellect and memory with a myriad of activities the better it gets. Learning a new language, playing cryptic crossword, a new hobby or playing chess is well known to improve brain health.

D) Stress

Cortisol is a hormone that your brain releases when you are under stress and increased levels of cortisol can be harmful to the brain. Taking time to relax, unwinding from hectic work/office schedules with walks in lush green landscapes or simply engaging in stimulating conversations with your family or friends can reduce stress levels.

E) Regular check-ups

Undetected conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases can affect mental performance. With regular check-ups with the doctor, one can actively manage their health and prevent any future problems.

In general, homebuyers have advantages on all forefronts to find the home that suits their needs and the vision of what they consider a home. It is also true that tampering with the quality of amenities and features is not uncommon. With competition to provide the best in class amenities and features, it is more than ever difficult to choose. The key to choose your dream home with quality amenities and features making our lives easier, comfortable and luxurious is to have a comprehensive approach.

In conclusion, to obtain your desired body physique you should begin by focusing on brain health and then proceed towards the physical aspects of your body. At first, it might seem challenging to focus such as while meditating, however, with consistency you shall start seeing the benefits with improved mood, stamina and sheer energy to perform any task you put your mind towards.

At Escon Arena, our club medley lets you accomplish your goals with its club facilities for all our residents which include yoga & meditation center, jogging track, swimming pool, squash and even a fully functional gym, giving you an all-around approach to your health goals. With our 35 years of experience in building millions of square feet of residential areas, we set out to achieve and have achieved thoroughly planned residences, whose success can be well measured in reviews from our residents. To know more on how Escon Arena is delivering luxury and comfort for all our residents, and how you can have access to the gym at Escon Arena contact us at +91 9855835111

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