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Four Secret Tips For Home Decor That Experts Don’t Tell You

Home is the one place you love coming back to, again and again. Whether you live in a two bedroom house, a bungalow or even a studio apartment – the right décor can truly make you feel connected with your little space in the city.

We’ve put together a few simple home decor tips to freshen up your home interiors, without pinching your pocket. Read on to know more:

1) Use bold colors at the front door

Research has shown that a bright colored doors are pleasing to the human eye. Who can forget ‘the house with blue door’ from the movie Nottinghill? Colors such as orange, yellow or blue exude warmth and joy. Using these catchy colors at the door can set the tone for people to feel welcome in your home.

Experts also advise against using a screen door. If you live in a dust prone area and need a layer of protection, pick a full length glass door instead.

2) Use benches instead of chairs at the dining table

There is definitely something very harmonious about eating together and dining tables with their similar chairs always enhance the feeling. But we suggest, that you go the unconventional way and switch a couple of chairs for a bench. Sharing a seat creates a feeling of togetherness and it adds a new look to the good old dining room table.

3) Light colored walls

Always use light and soothing colors such as beige, off-white, creamy yellow or white for your walls. This makes your rooms appear larger and seamless. Dark colored walls instill the claustrophobic feeling of walls closing in and make the room look smaller. Neutral colors also make it easy for you to pick your furniture – as they go with every décor!

4) Make ample provision for ventilation and day light

Always make sure that your rooms have enough openings for daylight and fresh air to stream in. This makes the house feel more welcoming and comfortable. Don’t go for heavy drapes or shades that block the sunshine. Instead choose lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk blends that make the room feel airy and bright.

We hope you found the décor tips useful. Whether you live in a rented space or your own, use the right décor so the house reflects your spirit and feels like home. Stay tuned to Escon Arena‘s Miss Tip Top for more great articles like this.

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