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Four Ways To Create A Healthy Lifestyle Within Your Busy Schedule

Creating a healthy lifestyle is often easier than it may seem. And yet, we slog through our busy schedules without bothering about nutrition and fitness hoping against hope that our body will take care of itself. And finally, one day when you stop fitting into your little black dress, or get chided by your Mum about the growing bags under your eyes or worse still, land up in a doctor’s clinic with a serious ailment – you realize that it’s time for change.

The truth is, creating a healthy lifestyle does not need as much time or effort as we fear. All you need to do is to make the right choices.

Here’s four ways to live healthier without compromising on your busy schedule:

1) Prep your meals over the weekend

Spend time over the weekend prepping for your weekday meals. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is work hard in the kitchen preparing your dinner. So shop for your groceries and chop those vegetables over the weekend, stock up on ready to eat things like fruits, yoghurt and bread. That way you will always have healthy and nutritious food available when you’re hungry.

2) Use the stairs or walk when you can

Whenever possible take the stairs to your office or hop off the auto-rickshaw earlier than usual and walk the rest of the way home. This will give you your daily dose of physical exercise and plenty of time to reflect.

3) Ditch the fizzy drinks and choose water instead

Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. Water flushes out the toxins and keeps your body temperature under control. Avoid drinking sodas and energy drinks – instead make room for healthy options such as fruit juices, buttermilk and good old water!

4) Kick the butt

Research has proven that people who smoke regularly, cut down their life by one-third. Not only that, smoking leads to health issues such as yellowing teeth, premature graying of hair and obesity. To create a healthy lifestyle drop the habit of smoking as soon as you can.

Most importantly, taking one small step at a time to change your lifestyle can help you in bringing about permanent change. Too many changes at once may overwhelm you and you will find yourself collapsing into your old habits soon. But a simple will to create the healthy lifestyle that you deserve will go a long way in creating a healthy body and mind.

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