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How To Make Most Of Your Apartment Space

Often we find ourselves stuck with more stuff than we need, or have the right amount of things and quite can’t find the harmony in placing things around our home. If you find yourself at the crossroads to decide whether to let go off possessions dear to you to make more space or simply thinking of a change to declutter your home, here are few tips that will prove to be beneficial for you:

1) Declutter: Whether your goal is to make more room or organize your home, decluttering can do wonders. Doing a yearly decluttering process makes your home organized, you get to find which items/things need to be replaced and most importantly it allows you know if or what, organizing material you need to purchase. This is true especially for joint families, or families with children, where stuff is accumulated much faster.

2) Change Is The Essence Of life: Furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes prove to be crucial in transforming your home by making most of the space available to you and your family. For instance, a table that functions both as a working platform and transforms into a dining table by night will help you kill two birds with one stone. You may also include:

  • Furniture that can be stored in one another such as collection of furniture pieces inspired by the Russian dolls known as Matroshka where the sofa converts into a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, a coffee table, storage, seating for 12 and much more.
  • Think vertical furniture to give the perception of larger rooms.
  • If you wished for a pool table and couldn’t place it in your home due to space constraints then you are in for a big change as there are dining table available which can be converted into a pool table. One such example of pure luxury and comfort is Aramith’s Fusion table.
  • Multipurpose beds also prove to transform rooms into office or studying space during the day and comfortable beds by the evening.
  • Use bigger items but few of them such two lamps on either side of the bed.

3) Strategically placed Mirrors: You might be well aware of mirrors giving the perception of larger spaces than actual spaces from shopping stores, cafes and restaurants where strategically placed mirrors trick the eyes. In other words, you can exploit more space by simply strategically placing mirrors according to the furniture, cabinets, and shelves in your home which create an impression of expansiveness.

4) Functionality Matters: It will always be to your benefit and to the benefit of your home to choose to furnish, and decorative items which offer maximum functionality in the minimal square footage. Simply put, choose items to furnish your home by making each piece count with respect to how much functionality they have to offer such as:

  • Entryway Rack- By placing a multi-purpose rack to place shoes and hang away little items including umbrellas, backpacks, hats, scarves, etc., can place essentials right in your vicinity so you don’t forget them.
  • Coffee Table- While you may choose a lift-top coffee table to store away items it’s wiser to choose two coffee tables rather than one, which will allow you to manage frequently used items from items you need less frequently. This would also allow you to move them around easily rather than dragging one huge coffee table around the house.
  • For those who enjoy reading a book, or novel, before they call it a night choose a headboard that can store your books while giving you an easy access to retrieve them.
In conclusion, space matters! Whether you are a family of two or more, little tricks to make more space or giving the impression of a bigger home can feed a lot into making your home comfortable and luxurious. One place where space meets comfort and luxury are thoroughly planned residences of Escon Arena, which were designed specifically to give you and your family to reside in your spacious home. With Escon Arena’s Club Medley (gym, swimming pool, tennis court, yoga room and much more), lush green landscape and proper ventilation and natural light, you can be assured that your home is comfortable and luxurious on both the inside and outside.

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