First time home buyers

Implement These Strategies Before You Purchase Your Dream Home!

When it comes to investing in your dream home, a lot can go unexpectedly wrong, or right, during and after the hammer has struck the nail. However, time after time it has been proven that smart homebuyers have one thing in common and that is, they do thorough research well before stepping out in the field. With board and banners tossing the word “quality,” quite unthinkably, buyer’s remorse has been on the rise with low and mediocre quality residential projects. If you are planning to purchase your house in the near future, then here are few things you must take into consideration before you spend even a single dime on booking, or initiating the process of purchasing your house. Here is what to look for:

1) Quality

Merely putting the word “quality” before something mediocre does not qualify as a quality product. It’s a degree of excellence which makes your life easier, comfortable and efficient, taking you a step forward to qualitative living. For instance, while you do your research of purchasing your home look for quality features of waterproofing and earthquake safety. With such advanced technology implementations, you know your money is being well invested in a home which is well-thought out for quality standards and lifestyle. Such basic and in-depth values are a telltale signs of the excellence of the product.

2) Luxury

what defines luxury? Comfort in elegance! If you have member of a family, or friends, who were misguided and mislead into purchasing a home whose luxury was soiled as soon as they moved in after purchasing, then you know that luxury can be faked quite easily. How to avoid being mislead by realtors? The answer to this riddle is in the detailing of residential planning. For instance, look into amenities and features which include 24*7 power backup and water supply, lust green landscapes, layout of children park which ensures safety (such as distance between internal roads and children park), and/or dormitory services.

3) Urban Lifestyle

Urban living does is a complex concept which is defined by various aspects of quality and luxurious living. In other words, urban quality of life is not existence of mere features, rather a relationship with all of the surroundings. It is a network of harmonious relationship of amenities, features and luxury presented to you on a silver platter. For instance, while you purchase your home you must look into the club features which may include swimming, squash, tennis, yoga & meditation center, yoga tracks, children park (with implementation of children safety equipment’s), and connectivity to other parts of the city, or nearby places.

With the vision to make our lives and the lives of our loved ones comfortable, we often find ourselves at junctions where minutest of decisions can hugely impact the quality of living. In conclusion, always take your time, do your research and never forget to breathe in decisions which haunt your nights. With thorough research you can narrow down your choices, lead to better judgement and dwell in happier, quality and luxurious living. At Escon Arena, our quality and luxury are a match made in heaven. With our amenities and features, which speak for themselves combined with our best-in-class club medley, you are bound to be in the lap of comfort itself. Know more about Escon initiatives and successful resident reviews at

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