Kitchen Garden, Small Step Leading To Bigger And Better Outcomes!

Today, in the ever growing hustle and bustle of our lives, keeping a healthy diet and finding the right means to maintain, or boost, your health can be challenging. However, the answer to this problem was right in front of us, staring in despair to be utilized, an Indoor Kitchen Garden. Now before your mind starts suspecting its true potential, indoor kitchen gardens are cheap on the wallet and rich in health benefits. Here is how you can reap the benefits of freshness, without pesticides or herbicides, in your kitchen?

1) Add Aroma and Freshness, Add Herbs

Just about every dish gets amplified in taste and aroma by adding fresh herbs. Garnishing soups, food and even beverages take your taste buds on a galactic voyage. For instance, chopped coriander (dhaniya)  over soup, curry leaves (kadi patta) in curry and freshly picked mint in tea. You can start by preparing to plant herbs in small vase/jars, either by hanging them in wooden, or metal frames; this further adds greenery and flora to your humble abode.

2) Vertical garden

By far the most economical and efficient way to achieve your goals of a kitchen garden. Simply attach containers to the material (wooden, PVC, plastic, metal frames) with nails or staples, and add soil and plants. This vertical garden can either hang or rest against the wall. You can add all kinds of small plants, flowers, condiments and all other sort to add to the richness of your overall health.

3) DIY (Do It Yourself) holder/frame

With DIY projects to set-up your kitchen garden, you get the opportunity to add another skill and have the benefit of giving a traditional, or modern, look to your garden; complementing the existing style of your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen consists of brown coloured cabinets, you could paint the frames/holders with copper, white, or blue. Such small ideas reshape your kitchen beautifully and elegantly.

4) Genius Space-Savvy kitchen ideas and solutions, to name a few:

    • Vertical pallet Garden

    • Portable container garden

    • Tiered garden

    • Hanging tin can/Suspended string garden

    • Vertical soda bottle garden

After all, majority thrives to attain better than yesterday lifestyle; so why not bring smaller, yet dynamic, changes in our surroundings and dwell in positivity. Collectively, all smaller steps account for bigger achievements in health, mental fitness and the overall outcome of goals. For more updates stay tuned to Escon Arena‘s Miss Tip Top Tips.

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