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More features and amenities along with their maintenance may rack up living expenses for an individual and his family living in an independent house, however, that is not the case with apartment housing. With thoroughly planned residents offering more to the residents, the living standards and quality can easily be maintained with affordable monthly/annually maintenance charges. One may draw the conclusion that as features and amenities rise in numbers so does the asking price of the apartment housing, which may very well be true in many cases. However, apartment housing built around the comfort of their residents to meet the needs and demands with essential features and amenities have affordable prices and is the prime reason why it makes them stand out.
What other essential features and amenities add value to your home without making the housing prices soar the skies? Here are few ways leading apartment projects are challenging the traditional concept of luxury and comfort with these essential features and amenities.
  • Quality Over Exclusivity
    A house may offer the exclusivity to live in the city or around the center of the city, however, if the quality of housing was overlooked then the personal quality of life can downgrade by manifolds. In other words, quality of products used during the construction of your house will decide the exclusivity of luxury and comfort of your home and life for years to come. Apartment housing projects which consider quality as the most important attribute and are constructed with a resident-first approach often have the happiest and content residents. This further adds to the overall happiness and quality of the community as a whole.
  • Health Over Wealth
    Another feature which boosts the overall happiness of its residents is in its execution capabilities to put health first. Why does that matter? Since not every apartment housing has a one-size-fits-all model, many housing projects often miss out on the basic features and amenities which are essential in today’s fast-evolving world to keep their residents fit and healthy. For instance, walking on internal roads of your apartment housing common to all activities such as walking, jogging, or parking area would only lead to chaos. Thus choosing an apartment which was built around with a resident-first approach to boost their health and provide them the essentials such as gym, lush green landscape, jogging track and other features is a must.
In conclusion, more features and amenities do not necessarily mean higher price tags. However, one must also take into consideration the above two points since more features and amenities do not necessarily mean comfort and luxury. Only those apartment housing complexes which are thoroughly planned and have a resident-first approach prevail in determining the overall happiness of their residents, and also prove to boost their quality of life.
Escon Arena is not new to delivery happiness, contentment, and money worth of their investment for its residents. With our thoroughly planned residents, Escon Arena combines comfort and luxury from the grassroots level and provides features and amenities essential for its residents which allow them to do more and achieve more. For your health goals, there is a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, meditation room, yoga room, pool tables and much more. To let you unwind the day there is 24X7 power backup and water supply so you don’t suffer in the heat or delays with making your home clean and tidy. There are tons of features and amenities which only boost your comfort and provide absolute luxury at your home at Escon Arena. To know more, visit us at

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