Make Smart Choices For Saving On Your Electricity Bills, With These 4 Creative And Strategic Tips!

When it comes to electricity majority of us only explore limited means, or ways, to reach our targeted goal of saving electricity, and/or reducing electricity bills. On one hand, during summertime we are caught  in the never ending cycle of turning air conditioners on and off, while on the other hand, water heaters tend to fall in the same category during winter time. Let us reflect light on additional ways to save on electricity without getting sweaty, or freezing to death, and saving on electricity all year around. Here are 4 practical ways you can achieve such goals:

  1. LED light bulbs: Popular by its result oriented energy saving technology, LED light bulbs are the upcoming heroes of households. They save tremendously, roughly 80% annually on electricity bills and use a mere 6-8 watts, when compared with old fashioned incandescent bulbs of 60 watts. The concept of “more power, more brightness’ has changed, as LED’s just show that they can offer more brightness at little expense of consumption of electricity. Furthermore, LED’s are a long term investment where they may cost more than incandescent bulbs, but can one LED light bulb can last upto 5 years, whereas incandescent bulbs last anywhere from a 1-3 months only.

  2. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India): When it comes to purchasing appliances, we tend to fall for discounted prices yelling right at us to buy them. However, many discounted items are efficient in the short run and in the long run, they fail miserably. How do they fail miserably? Not all discounted items will be energy efficient, or marked high on the efficiency indicators of BEE; BEE was set up by the Government of India, in 2002, under the Energy Conservation Act 2001,with its primary objective of reducing energy intensity of the Indian economy. Significant benefits such as, providing information on energy use, reducing electricity bills, feed into positive climate change goals, and much more, can be achieved with BEE stars.

  3. It’s all about the Star-rating: Right hand thumb rule, more the number of stars, more is the energy efficiency of the appliance. Thus, in the long run more stars will save you even more, than the savings on discounted prices. For instance, a BEE 5-star rated refrigerator that would cost more initially would pay for itself within few years because of better construction and insulation (keeping cool in and warm outside).

  4. Reduce Leaking Electricity: Leaking electricity results from electronic and electrical appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. In other words, they are plugged in but not turned on, consuming about eight percent of a home’s power for nothing. Automatic charging stations are available easily, which can stop such electrical leakages. For instance, such charging stations turn off and stop electrical leakages when phones, or other electronic devices, are fully charged. Some charging stations come with timers which disconnect after a specified length of time, making it convenient for the users.

Above mentioned tips can save you big bucks in the long run, where shelling out on a large scale is not necessary to reach energy saving goals. Other simple and efficient ways you can incorporate in your daily life are: switching off lights and equipment’s when not in use, use sunlight to illuminate areas on your homes, hand wash dishes, use solar home lighting system for outside of your house, and much more. Strategic planning and taking small steps towards a bigger change is the right mantra for your goals on saving electricity bills. Let us make the world a better place with one mindful change at a time!

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