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Productive Family Time Equals Quality Time!

With holiday season making us couch potatoes and distracting from developing strong, meaningful bonds with our family, we often find ourselves with unspiriting memories. To avoid dull moments plaguing cherishable moments with family this holiday season, we have compiled few thought-provoking and quality time enhancing leisure activities fostering stronger relationships with people who matter the most… La Familia! This holiday season trigger happiness from within by:

1) Outdoor Activities

With most of our time spent within the walls of our workplace, commuting back and forth, and preparing for the next day, it is quite essential to step out, catch some fun and breathe in fresh air. Activities as simple as walking around lush green landscape of your society and/or nearby garden area dwelling into the freshness of nature, or vigorous activities are bound to boost creativity, imagination, confidence and cognitive development, especially for children. Thus, planning vibrant and lively activities will help go down the memory lane, and close down the year on a healthier note.

2) Indoor Activities

For some families, it might just not be as easy to step out and would rather be at the comfort of their homes. Such families can also indulge in activities equally leading to more happiness, reduced stress and indulge siblings, and family members, in activities which lead to long-lasting, respectful and preservable moments. Indoor activities such as board games, movie marathons, cooking and cleaning around the house, are few means how you can achieve relevance in any given family time spent together. After all, the point of indoor activity is to recognize the strengths and weaknesses as a family, and further enhance the quality of the gift from the Gods themselves.

3) Nearby Future Plans

Another way to feed in quality while spending time with family is to recognize individual taste, or likings, of each family member. This can help you decide on meaningful outdoor activities, plan a summer trip and amplify learning experience from your humble abode. Recognizing individual passion towards a particular activity, music, or other stuff can help develop stronger emotional bonds, all from the comfort of your home and investing little time.

4) Acquire New Skills

For some holiday time is meant to relax, however, many deem this time as the golden time to acquire, and/or enhance, skills. How so? Allowing yourself to acquire new skills is the key to a healthy brain and a healthy-positive brain, or mindset, is vital for your good health. Acquiring skills which are not related to your job are simply fun and easier to learn. For instance, you could learn how to paint art, use the same art skills to decorate your home, or even gift a piece of unique, personalized art to your loved one. For kids, this would only mean to bring out their creative side feeding into deep-rooted happiness, calmness and their overall wellbeing. Pick a skill that appeals to you, and if you don’t know what appeals to you, put it to a family vote.

One can form strong and meaningful relationships over a simple conversation, but to amplify such time and making it even more cherishable, stepping a little further into uncharted depths of the mind can go a long way, especially when done together with family as team work. True luxury of life depends solely on perception and innovation of events, adding indispensable quality and value to the character of family one step at a time. With smart planning and innovative means to enhance quality of living and family time, Escon Arena was built to deliver luxury, urban living and inspiration. Spread over acres of land as a gated community and apartments tailored to individual families, every age group within nuclear, or joint, families can dwell in numerous activities including, and not limited to, indoor games, community hall with swimming pool, wellness center, day care, yoga and meditation center. Know more about Escon Arena at

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