Monsoon Ready

Smart Tips To Keep You Monsoon Ready

It is time to welcome the monsoon showers and bid farewell to the scorching heat. But before we go any further, ask yourself a question- are you monsoon ready? If the answer is no, then you must rethink it. The monsoon rains bring with them wide range of challenging issues such as spillages and fungus, and one can never be prepared enough to eradicate them completely.

Here are a few ways how you can be monsoon ready and reduce or eliminate the challenges which come along the supernatural rain showers.

1) Fresh air

Ventilation is the key to avoiding infection at your home. Letting in fresh air aids in diminishing moisture which further eliminates the ill effects of viral fever. It is even more necessary to switch on fan or exhaust fans to let the moisture out of the house when putting moist clothes to dry inside the homes because of the rains.

2) Internal Repair/Checks

Blockages during monsoons are not uncommon or unheard of. Any cracks or leakages in the bathroom or kitchen should be fixed in a timely manner. Calling in a handyman to fix all leaking water taps, pipes, tiles or blockages at the earliest is the right way to keep the inside of the house safe.

3) External Repair/Checks

Important external factors include leaks in the roof, potholes, etc. During monsoons, one must fix any crack(s) in the roof which can lead to relentless spilling inside your home. Getting any gaps or splits in the roof of your home thoroughly checked and fixed will reduce any financial burden with more fixation than you started with or harm to anyone living in the home. Waterproofing of the roofs is another way to upgrade the roof for long-term benefits. Additionally, one must contact their local authorities informing and asking them to take actions against any potholes posing danger to the motorists. On an average a motorist shells thousands of rupees per year due to the damages caused by potholes where the common casualties include wheels, suspension systems, exhaust systems, car body and in worst case scenarios, life.

4) Electric Wires

Electric wires also pose risk in the homes. With electric wires getting soggy due to the dampness in the air, it could result in short circuits and should be treated as a serious issue. Getting all the wiring in your homes check before or during the monsoons would keep the occupants of the home safe.

5) Smaller Maintenances

Smaller maintenances account for a huge chunk of enjoying monsoons to the fullest. Smaller monsoon maintenances include:

i) Using scented candles or lamps, or burning natural oils to get rid of damp moist smells.

ii) Using silica gel pouches in cupboards or closed areas to soak up the moisture and prevent fungal growth.

iii) Using dried neem leaves to keep fungus and mildew away in closed areas. Avoid putting neem cleaves on clothes.

iv) Putting a bucket near the main door to keep wet umbrellas.

v) Using few pieces of camphor in a diffuser proves to be an effective mosquito repellant.

Monsoons showers help us bid adieu to the hot summers and meet the supply of water essential for the daily needs, especially for farmers where timely arrival of the monsoon is their lifeline. Other smaller changes that you can make at your home include changes in decor such as bright and cheerful colors for vibrant surroundings, light fabrics clothes, adding wind-chimes near the window or the balcony adding a mystical touch while it rains and more indoor game activities.

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