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Top 3 reasons Why you need to Spike up your Kitchen with Cactus Plants

Indoor plants are literally a breath of fresh air in your home. They add a freshness to your interiors with their greenery and add to the calm, relaxed atmosphere we all need at home. Recently, most homes have caught on the trend of planting cactus and succulents indoors and we can’t get enough.

At Escon Arena we love exploring the newest trends in home décor and health, so we’ve put together three very important reasons why planting a cactus in your home may be more than just a passing trend. Read on to know more –

1) Natural Air Purifiers

With the air quality in cities deteriorating every day, it is very important to protect yourself and your loved ones from lung diseases. Escon Arena does its best to maintain a clean and green environment for its residents but what about the air you breathe at home?

Instead of installing electronic air purifiers, bring in potted cacti such as aloe vera and the prickly pear. Unlike normal plants which give out carbon dioxide at night, cacti exude fresh oxygen twenty four hours a day. They are known to absorb up to eighty percent of the volatile organic compounds in the air to leave your home full of pure and fresh air. Indian kitchens which are always full of smells of spices and tadka, it is a wonderful idea to plant a cactus to absorb all that.

2) Beautiful with low maintenance

Cactus plants are known to grow in the harshest of environments and need very little water to sustain themselves. This makes them the perfect green friends you can have at home even with your busy schedule. One can have a beautiful looking cactus and ensure that it stays healthy for a longer time even without any maintenance or gardening skills! Just grab a pot and plant a cactus for yourself. Even if you forget to water it for a day, the plant will sustain itself on the moisture it retains in its thorns and roots.

3) Health food

Believe it or not. A large variety of cactus plants have nutritional benefits and should be included in the modern Indian’s diet for better health and immunity. Prickly cactus plants such as barbary fig and prickly pear contain nutrients and anti-oxidants that can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels in human beings. Apart from flavonoids, cactus plants are packed with vitamins C, E and A that boost immunity and minerals such as iron and calcium. Research has also proven that including cactus in your diet may help reduce weight gain and will improve metabolic activity. Ready to bite into one yet?

There are many reasons why these intimidating plants should be welcomed into our homes and kitchens to create a healthier happier life. Aloe vera gel, as we all know is a blessing for skin problems and works wonders to heal a burn wound. However, when planting a cactus plant indoors one must be careful about keeping them out of the reach of infants and children. To conclude, we may say that cactus plants have a wide range of benefits not just as objects of indoor greenery and beauty but also as a part of our kitchen as a part of our regular diet.

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