Declutter Your Home

The Best 3 Techniques To Declutter Your Home

Tidying up is the number one chore we all spend time on and the number one chore we all hate. Whether it is arranging clothes neatly in your cupboard, cleaning out a book shelf or sorting out the drawer containing important documents – tidying up is tiresome work. But what most people don’t know is that the secret to a tidy home lies in decluttering.

Your home reflects your personality and you can declutter your home for good – only when you find a decluttering technique that works for you. So, for our blog post today we researched the most popular decluttering techniques and found some very credible places to start.

So here are the Top 3 techniques to declutter your home

1) Minimalist Game

The 30-day minimalist game is a simple challenge of finding things to discard every day for thirty days. On Day 1 you must find one thing to discard, on Day 2 you must find two such things, on Day 3 its three things and so on. By Day 30 you have rid yourself of four hundred and sixty-five items that were not required in your household! It is a great method for people who dread dedicating hours together to tidying and decluttering because it does not take up much of your time.

2) 5 Basket Technique

This method involves creating five baskets to categorize the things you find cluttering your home.

(i) Put Away

Use this basket to put in things which need to be put in their proper place. It could be a sweater to put into the closet or a finished book to put in the shelf.

(ii) Recycle

Recyclable items like waste paper, plastic bottles and bags can go into this basket.

(iii) Fix / Mend

This basket is for things can be re-used just with a little bit of work. Like shirts which have lost a button or shoes that need to be cleaned.

(iv) Trash

Real simple. This is the basket for items which are trash.

(v) Donation

Finally, this is the basket for things to donate. Old clothes, blankets, toys that your children no longer play with go here.

Once you’ve created the five baskets, all you need to do is go from room to room categorizing your things. And once done – make sure to complete the process by emptying the baskets as described above.

3) Konmarie Method

And finally, the number one technique to declutter your home comes to you all the way from Japan! Marie Kondo – an international expert in organization techniques has devised this method to declutter your home so that you never have to tidy again!

The crux of the KonMarie method is a simple two step approach. First, put your hands on your belongings and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If the answer is yes, keep it; if the answer is no – thank the object for its services and discard it. Step two involves keeping all your joy-giving belongings in places where they are visible, accessible and easy to grab & put back.

Marie Kondo advises to tackle your belongings category wise – clothes first, then books & papers, then kitchen and so on. She says that if you look at everything in one category together – it gives you a better idea of your possessions.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick out a method that suits you and declutter your home today!

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