Tips For Setting Up A Vertical Garden

The concept of vertical gardens is slowly gaining popularity among plant lovers. If you are planning to setup a vertical garden here are some of the tips that can help you out:

  1. The vertical wall garden should ideally be at a place where it can get adequate sunlight. Fruits and flowering plants need more sunlight. Lack of adequate sunlight will prevent the plants from bearing fruits and can have adverse effect on the growth of the plants.
  2. Arrange the pots and containers in a symmetric way or in a specified pattern, so that they look lush and vibrant. You can also arrange the plants as per colours.
  3. Regularly water, trim and nourish the plants. Remove the dry leaves and flowers, it will encourage faster growth of new ones. Add fertilisers as per requirement, to keep the plants healthy.
  4. One must be observant about the pest attacks on the plants as it is easy to control it in the early stages.

These are the few tips that may help you for having a beautiful vertical garden. For more tips like these stay tuned to Miss Tip Top Tips.

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