Christmas Decor Tips


Escon arena and Christmas celebration will be the best combination, we can bet! Enjoy the freshness of winter and end of the year holidays! This Christmas, we encourage, to make your home look best! Feel the blessings of Holy Jesus with fresh ideas to decorate your Home for Christmas.
1. Buy The Real Christmas Tree: There are many plastic X-mas tress available in market. They lost their luster. Buy a real Christmas tree, also known as araucaria. This is commonly available and can be brought from any plant nursery. Later on, you can use this plant in your balcony/terraced garden or it can be an attraction in your living room as well.

2. The Red Cushions: Using red cushions in sitting area and placing them white combinations will give you X-Mas look. You can search for red bed sheet and use white pillows, as the color combination will cheer you up for X-mas.

3. Involve Kids And Make Christmas Stars: Use the power of internet. But recycle papers and make Xmas starts. Learn it from number of DIY videos on internet. Hang them in your balcony. More colors more presence. You can add LED lights as well and light them up in evening.

4. Door Wreaths: Buy a door wreath and hang it up on your main door. There is nothing welcoming than that. You can hang colored balls and Santa miniatures as well.

5. Décor For Dining Table: Adding red handmade candles will add beauty to your meal place. Adding fragrances in the hand made candles will lighten the environment as well. Placing a bottle of wine and chocolates will indulge you in the celebrations.

We wish that these evergreen Christmas decor ideas will lit up your home and your heart with happiness. For more tips like these stay tuned to Escon Arena‘s MissTipTop Tips.

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