What Really Makes A House A Home?

How we feel within our home is highly influenced by our behavior in the outside world. A house may provide shelter, but a home is where your favorite things transform a mere shelter into a safe haven. Often, we beg the question of what really makes a house a home?

Many similar themes and answers, assembled by a poll from Team Escon Arena, included “home is where I find peace,” “where I can unwind,” “a place where comfort is in every corner” and, “a place to retreat from long day of hustle and bustle.” However, many did point out one particular discomfort, which was common: lack of space and luxury of amenities and features. In spite of the impossibility to own a show-home lifestyle for most of us, luxury with functionality and comfort topped the most desired trait of them all. A total balance!

Here is how you can transform your house into a home:

1) Reviews Matter

Today, almost every corner has an upcoming real estate project with apartment communities being built as if it was a piece of cake. Nonetheless, the true value of any real estate project unfolds when reviews from currently residing people is positive and uplifting, giving you the certainty of only positive outcomes for your investment. For instance, if real estate project management gives you the opportunity to talk to their residents or provides with reliable data of reviews from their residents, you know you are in good hands. Also, you get to know what kind of people you’d be surrounding yourself with, thus eliminating “bad neighbourhood” scenarios.

2) Account in the Rituals

What really defines our lifestyle is what we do with our free time, or time outside our professional lives. If you like to go for morning walks, or enjoy a nice cup of tea sitting in the balcony, then you must account the landscapes and spacious balconies into your calculations whilst narrowing down your choices.

3) Trust the Experience

Often ignored, an experienced and resident-oriented realtor would build houses which does more than providing a shelter and goes a step ahead by letting you dwell in comfort of functionality with luxurious amenities and features. How do you know if the experience is the one which suits your lifestyle? Compare the list of features and amenities within the boundaries of your apartment home and you’ll have your answer.

4) Don’t Ignore Daily Tasks

What does this have to do with your home? A LOT! Consider this for a moment, you work a 9-5 shift, have to purchase groceries, spend time with kids/family, go for a walk/jogging/gym, indulge in 30 mins of yoga and other activities. In other words, find ways to balance your professional and personal life. But you very well know how this can slip away in daily madness. What’s the solution? If a project is really giving you your dream home, it will have all what you need and including all the facilities for extracurricular activities mentioned above. You just need to write down with what you would want to achieve in a day, or as your lifestyle, and match it with the features provided by apartment realtors.

Escon Arena, with its 35 years of experience in building millions of square feet of residential areas, set out to achieve and has achieved thoroughly planned residences, whose success can be well measured in reviews from our residents. Understanding and delivering on our beliefs is how we conquer hearts and deliver up-market residential luxury for urban living, at affordable prices. With its wide range of health options (gym, yoga & meditation center, jogging track, swimming pool, squash, etc); comfort (child day care, dormitory services, adequate parking space, rich inflow of sunlight, refreshing ventilation, large and functional balconies); and luxurious options (Tailor Made homes, club medley, lush green landscape, posh entryway, smart elevators) you are bound to get more than purchase your house. You get to invest in your dream home! Your safe haven! Contact us on +919855835111 for more details.

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